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            Please read these reviews and testimonials from several of my Very Satisfied

                                                Home Inspection Clients.

                                              (Many from Spring and The Woodlands)

To whom it may concern,
My name is Wally Westbrook.  In my earlier life I built homes.  
Matter of fact, I started a community, 'GROGAN’S POINT', in the Woodlands.   My ‘small homes’ were between 6,000 and 8,000 square feet.  The large homes were between 10,000 and 16,000 square feet.  I was the ‘LEAD Builder' in The Woodlands for almost two decades.  
Recently, I purchased a home and ‘totally redesigned and rebuilt it’.  Rodney Sims is who ‘I’ called to come and inspect my project (my home).   …..with all of my years in the business, I called Rodney.   He is thorough, has a keen eye for detail, and is up to date on the latest codes, which is VERY IMPORTANT.
With a great amount of confidence I recommend Rodney Sims.  
Wally Westbrook (Leading Builder, GROGANS POINT, The Woodlands)

Rodney recently inspected our house in Houston and did a very thorough job.  He walked me through the systems on the house and explained how the 3 zone HVAC functions.  He caught many things that the average handy person would easily have overlooked and all code related issues.  With this information we were able to get extra money at closing to address the issues and it was definitely worth the cost.  Rodney was also able to meet us on Sunday, which was great as we were out of town buyers.

Ryan G  02/2018  (Home Buyer - Houston) 

Highly Recommended!!!!!  Thank you, Rodney, for the kindness, professionalism and thorough inspection that you performed on our house!!

Very much satisfied with pre-drywall inspection that he performed on our new construction home. 
I learned lot of things from him on the inspection day.  He did a thorough inspection and identified the issues that are concerning the safety, load issues, building code regulations, etc.  He walked me through the whole house and discussed all issues he identified during the inspection.  We will definitely use him for the final home inspection.
Prasanna T  02/2018  (Home Buyer - Cypress)  (Pre-Drywall Inspection)


I wanted to take the time to thank you for your services. I was very impressed with your attention to detail and flexible schedule. I am a Marine Corp veteran who is buying his first home using the VA loan. I was very impressed with your attention to detail and the time you took to make sure the inspection was done thoroughly and properly. You inspected the first house I was going to buy and thanks to your detailed report you saved me from making $130,000 mistake.
I am in the process of closing on the second house you inspected and again thanks to your detailed report the seller is making the listed repairs that you found on your inspection.
Rodney I am thankful that I found you and will recommend anyone and everyone who needs an inspection done to their current or future home, thank you again.

Rodney Sims did a pre-drywall inspection on my house on March 29th, 2013.  

He spent over 5 hours inspecting my house, took the additional time afterward to explain the issues that he found during the inspection, as well as answer all of my questions weeks after the inspection.  He is one of the most detail-oriented person I've ever met, and the greatest part about him is he is so focused on his work.  I've seen inspectors in the past whose primary goal is to maximize profit by performing multiple inspections per given time and minimizing the interactions with their customers.  It is evident that Rodney is not that type of inspector.  I'm looking forward for him to do the upcoming final inspection.

Trang (Custom Home Buyer - The Woodlands)

Rodney I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You for your kindness and professionalism!  I must tell you the thought of an inspection for a home buyer is scary at best, but after meeting you I was completely at ease knowing that the job would be done correctly!  If you ever need to give anyone a reference, please do not hesitate to use me as I can attest to the quality and thoroughness of your inspections.

Most people would not take the time that you do and trust me as a potential new home owner, I certainly appreciate that you treat your customers like family, meaning I believe I got the same quality inspection that you would have given a family member.
Again thanks! 

Barbara Holder

Rodney did a home inspection for my husband and me in early December 2015. He arrived on time and ended up spending almost 8 hours on our inspection. He ended up giving us a 41 page report with a lot of great pictures of problem areas. From the first phone call to schedule the inspection all the way through to the final report, Rodney was extremely professional and helpful. I had one of my young children with me that day and Rodney took the time to explain things to my son and answer his questions, which undoubtedly added a lot of time to his inspection. I especially appreciated that Rodney took the time to point out the ‘really good’ points about the property and didn’t just focus on the deficiencies. 
The report Rodney provided was very detailed. While he didn’t find anything that would prevent us from buying the house, his report will serve as a great ‘honey-do’ list now that we’ve moved in and are ready to start making improvements. Since he included pictures, it will make it very easy for us to find the exact problem and take care of it quickly.
Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Rodney again in the future if I find myself in need of another property inspection. The level of professionalism he shows is extremely hard to find these days. His pricing is very fair, especially when considering the thoroughness of his inspection and reports. He was also very helpful in recommending other great professionals for the termite and septic inspections.
Thanks again Rodney for making this portion of the home-buying experience as painless as possible!
Tim & Tiffany Piscitell 

Rodney is a great inspector.
He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time needed to investigate any issues and give you a thorough review of what is going on in the home.   His reports explain what needs addressing, and helps make the buyer much more informed on their purchase.   
If you need a great inspector, Rodney is the guy!
Marcy Moore 

       WOW!!  Real Estate Inspection Specialist is GREAT !!!.....  

                  Was I PLEASED!!!.... (YES…)
I chose Real Estate Inspection Specialist based on a friends Tremendously HIGH Recommendation of his services.  
The owner (and inspector), Mr. Rodney Sims, was a TREMENDOUS HELP to us, both during the inspection, and afterward.  This is the first home purchase for my husband and I, and (to put it simply), Rodney was a BIGGER help to us than our own Realtor.  His thorough inspection of our 2000 sq. ft. house took almost 5 hours. 
After the inspection, he explained to us, in terms that WE could understand, what he had found.  He was in NO RUSH, and took all the time with us that we needed.  He even took time to point out all the (extra good) things about our home, that we did not even know about.  He explained things like (what a GFCI plug is), (now I feel like an expert).  He pointed out the extra High-Efficiency Air Filter in the attic that we did not even know was there.  He gave us tips about how to balance our thermostats to save money.  After the inspection, we knew that our new home was (sound) and that all the equipment (functioned properly). Rodney also helped us decide which repairs were necessary and which were the most important.  This was an  IMMENSE  BENEFIT  to us when we went into NEGOTIATION with the seller to determine (which) repairs would be made, and (which) repairs WE would be COMPENSATED FOR  (Price off the home !!!  Yeah !!!). 
Rodney Sims and Real Estate Inspection Specialist are the GREATEST.    Thank you Mr. Rodney (April 2012)
      My husband and I are VERY PLEASED CUSTOMERS..., Spring,
     and will recommend you to EVERYONE WE KNOW !!!

 To whom it may concern, 

"I used Rodney Sims to perform my inspection on a 3100 square foot home in The Woodlands Texas and boy let me tell you, what a great resource Rodney was to me.  This will be my second home, I and used a different home inspector to inspect my first home back in 2007.  That inspector was quick and I got my report the next day, however, if you were like me, I didn’t speak home technical jargons such as “beveled roof rafter” or “double lugging” of electrical wires.  Unlike the previous inspector who was quick and handed me a pretty report to 'decipher', Rodney really took his time to explain the technical issues that would had been more difficult for me to comprehend from just a report. 
He meticulously went over almost every nook-and-cranny of the house and would took time out in-between to explained the intricate details on big ticket items such as AC systems and electrical panel wiring issues.  He really took his time and performed such a thorough job on the home inspection that I told him I would write a review to let other folks know about his work ethic. 
I can go on and on regarding Rodney Sims' meticulous inspection process but I would like to add that, as he mentioned on his website, he 'really meant' what he stated.  I highly recommend Rodney Sims to inspect your next home, especially to anyone who is truly has a desire to understand what the inspection report really says. 
Thanks Rodney for being truly dedicated to your profession and as a home inspector!  You have another satisfied customer."
Michael K. (Home Buyer) – The Woodlands Texas.   

My Family’s Go-to Guy for Quality Home Inspections....

I just had the pleasure of working with Rodney Sims on an inspection for a home I’m considering purchasing. He came highly recommended by my sister, who has used Rod three times in the recent past. I can recommend him without hesitation. He is highly trained, very competent and extremely thorough. He is current on all applicable codes and has all the latest tools, equipment and technology. He takes the time to explain his findings and is more than happy to answer all your questions. His report is very clear and easy to understand, and includes multiple photos that I find very helpful.
It is obvious to me that Rodney takes a great deal of pride in his work and truly cares about his clients. He did an outstanding job for me, at a fair price, and under very difficult conditions, even refusing to accept “hazard” pay for all the extra trouble. If you want to avoid costly problems and ensure the safety of your home, this is your guy.
(Home Buyer - Houston) 

This may sound cliché but it's soooo true and I need to say, “Rodney Sims is the BEST Home Inspector in Texas”.  I am a first time home buyer and was skeptical about how I was going to find the ‘right man’ for the job.  I found Rodney online and selected him to do a full inspection on the home I was about to purchase.  He went all out…, above…, and beyond….

And sent me the report ASAP...  (one that I could understand, then he took the time to explain any details on the report, especially since I was a first time home buyer...)
He a ‘professional’ and very comfortable to work with...   Thanks to Rodney Sims I got all the major repairs done that I wanted....      
They were for issues on the home that I am sure ‘no other inspector’ would have pointed out...   When he finished his job Rodney still checked in, to make sure we were comfortable....  
That’s ‘caring from the heart’ and not just trying to get the job done.....      I will recommend Rodney to EVERYONE ready to buy a home....,  Selling a home...,  And trust me...., Rodney will do a GOOD job.
Thank you,  Erneste & Kris S. (Home Buyer - Fairway Crossing, Spring)

Truly the best home inspector in the business!

I found REI Specialist on Google & selected them based on Rodney's experience in building homes. A person obviously won't know how to inspect a home, unless he knows how they're built from the ground up. Well it truly paid off for us. Mr. Sims spent over 6 hours inspecting our future 3400 sq. foot home, which is hard to believe in itself.
The inspector that inspected my previous home before I sold it, only spent about 1 1/2 hours on the job. Anyways, he found the a/c was leaking about 80% of the cold air into the attic using his infrared camera, found several issues with the roof, and that the oven was heating up to 470 degrees when set to 350!
All of these all could have been very expensive if had we not hired REI-Specialist. 
Thanks Rodney!   Casey


This guy and his wife are amazing.  They caught so many things in a brand new house.  Rodney crawled through the entire attic and the poor things had to do the inspection midday in the Texas summer heat (A/C hadn't been activated yet). 

They measured the ceilings to see if they were level (and they were ‘not’).  They even caught that the interior hinges of the pantry door didn't have all the screws.  The house was 2000 sq. ft. and a brand new construction and the two of them took over 4 hours to inspect everything. They also took the time to explain what issues really meant and how to deal with them. They were so polite and helpful. 
I would recommend them to everyone!!!  I usually don't rate businesses, but this experience was so exceptional I just had to.  If you need an inspector, just give him a call.   It will be worth it! 


Thank you so much for all your help.  We love our new house.  I will refer your services to ‘everyone’.
Thanks again, 
JLL  (New Home Buyer, 4 Inspections)
   -(Home-1 Inspection & Re-Inspection after builder repairs) 
   -(Home-2 Inspection & Re-Inspection after builder repairs)


"Thank you so much for taking care of the inspection on our new home. 
Today, I witnessed just how diligent you are in the inspection process.  Your expertise, knowledge and professionalism clearly shows in your work.   I am proud to recommend you to my realtor, my mortgage broker and my friends and family.   I will do my very best to send folks your way."
Thank you for all your help.  
Curt   (Home Buyer - The Woodlands)


I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your hard work.    Your inspection report is filled with so much detail that it paints a picture that allows me to feel like I am revisiting the site days later.
Your extensive knowledge and friendly attitude has made me a dedicated customer.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to doing business with you again.
David   (Home Buyer - Atascocita)

We enthusiastically endorse the home inspection work of Rodney Sims.  His home inspection knowledge is first rate. 

Even more impressive is his 'work ethic' and his 'positive attitude'.   He thoroughly answered our questions.  The final report was completed promptly and contained pictures with notes that clearly highlighted the deficiencies. 
In closing, the work he performed far exceeded our expectations, and in our opinion, was  'worth more' than the fee he charged us. You can’t go wrong with this inspector. 
Eric and Camee McGregor  (Home Buyers - Friendswood)


It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you.  I also appreciate your taking your time to explain a few things in layman’s terms that I could understand.  And the time and care you took with my clients was very much appreciated by them as well as by me!   
Once again, I truly appreciate your diligent inspection, your professionalism, and most of all, your "can-do" attitude.  I look forward to doing business again in the near future with you.  
Thanks Rodney for being so willing to go above and beyond...
Elizabeth   (Realtor - The Woodlands)  

Hello Mr. Sims,

In February of 2011 you completed a residential inspection for us in Spring, Texas. We have been unable to purchase that property due to unresolved title issues…  We will be looking for another property immediately, and will be giving you call for your immaculate services.  Thanks in advance for helping us.
Sincerely, The Carters (Spring)

Mr. Sims,

"Thank you so much your professionalism and expertise in completing a thorough inspection of our home.   The report was well written, detailed, and easy to understand. 
Your willingness to go 'above and beyond' was greatly appreciated."
Thank you, again.   Mr. & Mrs. Hudson (Home Buyer, The Woodlands)

A message from Rodney Sims: 

I thank each of my prior clients for their trust and confidence in Real Estate Inspection Specialist.  I have built my home inspection company with the focus on 'serving the client' and providing the highest quality inspections and reports available in Spring, The Woodlands and the entire Grater Houston Area. 
I appreciate your business, continued referrals, and the ongoing relationships and trust that we have built.


           Please allow Real Estate Inspection Specialist to serve 'you' also.
                 Go with The 'LEADER' in Home Inspection      
                     "Real Estate Inspection Specialist"
                                CALL TODAY...
                                Cell:    713-829-7732
                    Rodney Sims
Miscellaneous Home Tips
15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own
The following items are essential tools, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to ask an InterNACHI inspector during your next inspection about other tools that you might find useful. 
1.  Plunger
A clogged sink or toilet is one of the most inconvenient household problems that you will face. With a plunger on hand, however, you can usually remedy these plumbing issues relatively quickly. It is best to have two plungers -- one for the sink and one for the toilet.
2.  Combination Wrench Set
One end of a combination wrench set is open and the other end is a closed loop. Nuts and bolts are manufactured in standard and metric sizes, and because both varieties are widely used, you’ll need both sets of wrenches. For the most control and leverage, always pull the wrench toward you, instead of pushing on it. Also, avoid over-tightening.
3.  Slip-Joint Pliers
Use slip-joint pliers to grab hold of a nail, a nut, a bolt, and much more. These types of pliers are versatile because of the jaws, which feature both flat and curved areas for gripping many types of objects. There is also a built-in slip-joint, which allows the user to quickly adjust the jaw size to suit most tasks.
4.  Adjustable WrenchCaulking gun 
Adjustable wrenches are somewhat awkward to use and can damage a bolt or nut if they are not handled properly. However, adjustable wrenches are ideal for situations where you need two wrenches of the same size. Screw the jaws all the way closed to avoid damaging the bolt or nut.
5.  Caulking Gun
Caulking is the process of sealing up cracks and gaps in various structures and certain types of piping. Caulking can provide noise mitigation and thermal insulation, and control water penetration. Caulk should be applied only to areas that are clean and dry.
6.  Flashlight
None of the tools in this list is of any use if you cannot visually inspect the situation. The problem, and solution, are apparent only with a good flashlight. A traditional two-battery flashlight is usually sufficient, as larger flashlights may be too unwieldy.
7.  Tape Measure
Measuring house projects requires a tape measure -- not a ruler or a yardstick. Tape measures come in many lengths, although 25 feet is best.  Measure everything at least twice to ensure accuracy. 
8.  Hacksaw
A hacksaw is useful for cutting metal objects, such as pipes, bolts and brackets. Torpedo levelHacksaws look thin and flimsy, but they’ll easily cut through even the hardest of metals. Blades are replaceable, so focus your purchase on a quality hacksaw frame.
9. Torpedo Level
Only a level can be used to determine if something, such as a shelf, appliance or picture, is correctly oriented. The torpedo-style level is unique because it not only shows when an object is perfectly horizontal or vertical, but it also has a gauge that shows when an object is at a 45-degree angle. The bubble in the viewfinder must be exactly in the middle -- not merely close.
10.  Safety Glasses / Goggles
For all tasks involving a hammer or a power tool, you should always wear safety glasses or goggles. They should also be worn while you mix chemicals.
11.  Claw Hammer
A good hammer is one of the most important tools you can own.  Use it to drive and remove nails, to pry wood loose from the house, and in combination with other tools. They come in a variety of sizes, although a 16-ounce hammer is the best all-purpose choice.
12.  Screwdriver Set
It is best to have four screwdrivers: a small and large version of both a flathead and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Electrical screwdrivers areWire cutter sometimes convenient, but they're no substitute.  Manual screwdrivers can reach into more places and they are less likely to damage the screw. 
13.  Wire Cutters
Wire cutters are pliers designed to cut wires and small nails. The side-cutting style (unlike the stronger end-cutting style) is handy, but not strong enough to cut small nails.
14.  Respirator / Safety Mask
While paints and other coatings are now manufactured to be less toxic (and lead-free) than in previous decades, most still contain dangerous chemicals, which is why you should wear a mask to avoid accidentally inhaling. A mask should also be worn when working in dusty and dirty environments. Disposable masks usually come in packs of 10 and should be thrown away after use. Full and half-face respirators can be used to prevent the inhalation of very fine particles that ordinary facemasks will not stop. 
15.  Duct Tape
This tape is extremely strong and adaptable. Originally, it was widely used to make temporary repairs to many types of military equipment. Today, it’s one of the key items specified for home emergency kits because it is water-resistant and extremely sticky.